Thapae Boxing Stadium

Real muay thai fights in the heart of Chiang Mai

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Thaphae Stadium is a unique meeting point for ancient Thai traditions and modern Thai and Western cultures.

If you are a curious explorer passing through Chiang Mai, a night out at Thaphae Stadium will be a unique and fun cultural experience that you won't quickly forget!

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What to Expect

Muay Thai

Many tourist-oriented Muay Thai events in Thailand keep their own local stock of fighters and often put on fake Muay Thai shows, hoping the audience will not notice the difference.

At Thaphae Stadium, Fighters come from the many gyms around Northern Thailand to compete with one another.
Fighters at Thaphae are career fighters. They fight for money, reputation, family, fame and often titles. Muay Thai fights at Thaphae Stadium are therefore always the real deal. Never staged, rehearsed or choreographed.

Muay Boran

In addition to real Muay Thai fights, there is often an opening Muay Boran demonstration at 9pm.
Muay Boran is the fighting art that pre-dates Muay Thai, it has been used by Thai soldiers for centuries in battles and wars with neighbouring countries.
Muay Boran fighters wear traditional Thai garb and wrap their hands in rope, instead of gloves and tape, the demonstration showcases advanced and highly athletic Muay Boran attacks and fight styles over a single 3 minute round.

Blind Boxing

As a light-hearted intermission, Thaphae Stadium puts on a 5 minute round blindfolded boxing 'fight'.
Blindfolded boxing involves 3 to 8 people, all wearing soft boxing gloves and blindfolds. Once the music starts playing the 'fighters' have until the end of the song to knock each other down!
Participants use overhand swings, as opposed to straight jabs, uppercuts and hooks. This avoids inflicting too much damage but still brings the pain!

Food, Drink and other Entertainment

The inner walls of the stadium are filled with bars that offer wide ranges of refreshment at competitive prices.
The stadium also has pool tables, a fully equipped kitchen and table service available to guests.

A typical night at Thaphae finishes anywhere between 11pm and midnight, with the busier nights extending to 1am at the latest.

Thaphae Stadiums central location makes it a perfect first stop on a big night out for anyone visiting Chiang Mai. Step outside and there are bars to your left, to your right and across the road!